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Name: Yesha Gee
Home: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
About Me: Don't hate me because i'm beautiful.
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Hate being a worrier!

I only have 1 month left and i still don't have my working visa. I am worried now.

Last night, i already made a plan --- to talk to my boss early in the morning and (again) open up my concern. For a thousand times already, i kept reminding them about the issue but they've been deaf all along.

It's so unlucky for me that my boss are not in the office today. I waited.

Please do pray for me. I need my working visa before my visit visa expires. I need your prayers. From the bottom of my heart, i'm begging you to pray for me.

posted by Yesha Gee at Sunday, August 31, 2008 12:59 AM -
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