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Name: Yesha Gee
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Blessings for those Who Patiently WAIT!

September 29, 2008... my Oman-Exit scheduled date. Starting the 30th, my day in Oman has started counting. I have 1000 dirhams in my pocket when i first set foot to this cage-like hotel room. Never did i realize that i will be staying in the room this long. Today is the 25th day here.

As frail as i am, i always woke up in the middle of the night crying. If i could just measure how much tears i shed, a pail wouldn't be enough. On the contrary, i got to see the real picture of life and friendship when i met Adriana, Mommy Ann, Ate Cora and Macy. I have shared the same room with them. Ady was lucky enough to get the visa a week after but i am luckier because i have her who really cares for me. Ady cares for me so much that she ironed-plan everything before she left. One week of being with her is like a year of friendship; and i missed her so much.

Today, Mommy Ann is leaving. She got her visa the other day. Humility serves you right. Mommy Ann doesn't have enough money for her hotel bill since she has been here for 35 days. In order to produce what she needs, we went to each and every room to solicit. It was my first but i am not ashame of what i did. What we did was for someone who need it. We care for Mommy Ann... if you care for someone dear to you, you can do everything.

In my 25 days here, i actually finished reading the 3 books i brought with me, excluding the chapters i read from the bible. There are times i asked God why i had to experience these hardships and be in a situation like this. But who am i to ask Him? I am His child, and being one serves a part in His big LOVE STORY.

I never worry what to eat, what to do and what will happen for tomorrow. I simply cherish every moment of my time, as if i am spending it with Him and i am in my wonderful and exciting holiday. Why would i worry? Everything is already laid smoothly and all i have to do is to patiently wait. God blesses those who patiently wait. One worry i had before, my hotel bill. Aha! Everyone in the hotel worries about it, but Praise God, i am not one of them. I don't really worry about it, not a speck... for i already declared and believed that God will help me make ends meet. If you have faith, it will really happen. On the 25th day, with 200 dirhams left in my wallet, Bro Sabu called me on my phone and ask how i was. I told him my situation without expecting anything, yet God touched his heart and he told Bro Gladson and the rest of the Church family. They helped me financially and they even provided more than what i need. God has been faithful all the way. He never fail me.

My visa will come on tuesday, and i have enough money to pay for my bills. So why worry? Pray. Believe. Have faith. It will be just fine for He is there to help!

posted by Yesha Gee at Saturday, October 25, 2008 7:41 AM -
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