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Name: Yesha Gee
Home: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
About Me: Don't hate me because i'm beautiful.
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I’m turning 27, praise God!

My birthday is yet to come but I am already expecting many blessings from my Father in heaven. I believe that God will bless me abundantly this year because this year is a year of HARVEST.

God has provided everything for me in 2008. I was able to make everything ends met. I never had an empty pocket. I never had an empty food shelf. I never had an empty supplies rack.

I hold on to ‘REH-VACH’… I know blessings are coming. It’s already prepared and set to pour over me. I will not welcome any doubt or worry for I am certain.. I have the victory through my Lord Jesus Christ.

I am soon 27 – twenty seven. YAY!

I am a child of God. Thus, I’m beautiful, bountiful, hopeful and victorious.

posted by Yesha Gee at Saturday, January 17, 2009 11:09 PM - 0 comments
I declare blessings...

I will be celebrating my birthday soon and can’t wait for more blessings to come. God blessed me abundantly all year around and I am expecting more blessings from Him for I believed that He will bless me more and more. God knows my heart’s desire and to speak it out loud for people to know is no longer needed for He already heard my prayers.

There are brighter days up ahead of me filled with favor, promotion and increase. So I will patiently wait for He has wonderful plans for me.

I am too blessed to be stressed! I’m moving forward in strength and power.

I thank the Lord for another year of blessings. This year is my harvest year and I am declaring all goodness from Him.

All glory to God. In Jesus’ Name.

posted by Yesha Gee at Friday, January 9, 2009 10:05 PM - 0 comments

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