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About Me: Don't hate me because i'm beautiful.
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20 Dirhams

I only have 30 dirhams in my pocket; and that is small enough to get me through before my payday... but it was friday; the time to give to God what is due to Him. I already planned it though. I already made a decision to give a portion of what was left with me, 50% actually, that is 15 dirhams.

But i changed my mind at the very last minute. I give 20 dirhams instead with hearts full of expectations that He will bless me more and more.

I wasn't sure how will i able to make ends meet with 10 dirhams left in my wallet. But i didn't really care. So what? I know God will bless me. God will provide everything for me.


God is really faithful! Don't ask me how i managed to sustain the whole week with 10 dirhams cos i even got fils left in my wallet. I actually did not run out of money. Amazing!


On my payday, i received my cheque... and praise God... i have a salary increase!

To GOD be all GLORY!

I will be forever grateful being His child.

posted by Yesha Gee at Wednesday, September 17, 2008 10:07 PM - 0 comments
Love Sickness

Love has two sides:

His side

-"tell her how you feel" is what my friends said
-so i picked up the phone
-called your house
-you answerd
-i said "i love you"
-and hung up right after
-the next day
-i told you it was a bet from a friend
-it was partly true
-but you didnt answer
-no sassy come back wich you allways do
-just stood there
-the walked away

Her side

-he called my house
-i picked up
-he told me he loved me
-then hung up
-the next day
-i was going to tell you i loved you back
-but you said it was a bet
-i had everything planned out
-every move i planned
-every word
-but when you said that...
-i had nothing to say
-i stood and watched you
-as you broke my heart


Boy and Girl interpret love:

Boy:I saw her today...
Girl:I saw him today...
Boy:It seems like its been forever
Girl: I wonder if he still cares...
Boy:She looks better than before...
Girl: I couldn`t help but stare
Boy:I asked her how she was
Girl: I asked him about his new girlfriend
Boy: I`d choose her over any girl
Girl: He`s probably happy now
Boy:I couln`t look at her without thinking i would cry.
Girl: He couldn`t even look at me...
Boy:I told her I missed her...
Girl: He told me he missed me...
Boy: I meant it...
Girl: He didn`t mean it...
Boy:I love her
Girl: He loves her...
Boy: I held her
Girl: He gave me a friendly hug...
Boy: Then I went home and cried...
Girl: Then I went home and cried...
Boy: I lost her
Girl: I lost him
Boy: *Sigh*
Girl: *Sigh*


The Three Words

Girl: Do you really love me?
Boy: Of course I do.
Girl: I wanna hear you say it.
Boy: I don’t have to.
Girl: Why not?
Boy: Because...
Girl: I just want to hear you say it in words.
Boy: I can’t...
The girl started to cry softly and said:
Then you don't love me...
The two continued to walk in silence. They
reached the girls home.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Do you really want to know?
Girl: (hesitantly) Yes.
He hugged her gently, kissed the tip of her nose
and whispered in her ear,
"Because three words are not enough..."


Jeez, love sickness!

posted by Yesha Gee at Tuesday, September 16, 2008 5:13 AM - 0 comments
How GREAT is my GOD!

I had a very exciting and wonderful journey with the Lord last week. It was full of surprises yet fulfilling.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were tasked to do something you do not know?

I have been to plenty of that last week.

My boss asked me to write a letter to the Band Saderat Iran to inquire why the accounts (as per LC)has not been credited to our acccount yet. My boss told me to look for 'this' guy and give the letter to him and let him do everything. So i went with heart full of doubts, worries and what ifs because i am so CLUELESS what to do. But i stand strong and prayed. I pray to God, my constant companion, to bless me all the way. I pray that He will set everything in order in the bank. First thing i did when i reached the bank, was to look for the guy. I gave him the letter but he forward me to the documentation department and then they referred me to the Manager. Aha! Yup, i got so excited because God did not leave me. The Manager was so kind, really really kind that he assist me well in his office. The letter i handed him is invalid, he said. That's because the signatory has to be verified yet. So he referred me to the verification department in second floor, however, the verification department staff forwarded me to the verification department Manager. Again, God is so good, because the verification department manager was also really really nice. He politely explained that he can not verify the signature because the department can only verify bank signatures, not client signatories and nicely told me to go back to the manager of the LC Department in fourth floor. I explained everything to the LC Department Manager, he called the verification Department Manager, they talked and then he said, "Ok madam, i will do your request today (though we're already close) but you promise you give me the verified letter tomorrow."[the bank working hours is 9am-2pm bcos of Ramadan]. Praise God! I was so happy because my time was not put into waste.

The next day, my boss suddenly asked me to come with him to go the Inspection company to process the documents we need to export the commodities. i never been really exposed to that kind of job. I do talked and negotiated with them through telephone but that's it. Yet now, i will be dealing with them face to face. I really thought my boss simply took me to be with him there, but it turned out, he will be just waiting in the car and i will do everything. I could have had a nervous breakdown because i have no idea what to do. It is my first time. But i know nothing is impossible with God, so i prayed hard that He will bless me again and touch the people in the company to assist me well. God is so good indeed, the iranian lady i talked to over the phone assist me nicely. I asked her what to do because i honestly don't know anything. She smilely said, "Oh dear, all i need is the original copy of Bill of Lading and the certificates.Don't worry.". I was so blessed because the lady processed it in less than 15 minutes and i'm off to the parking lot where my boss was waiting.

I thought i was done for the day, but we still need to go to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce for verification and certification of documents. So we went there and again, he let me do everything. It was my very first time to go there. Dubai Chamber of Commerce is not a place where people can just enter and see. The security has to checked what purpose you'll be doing there for you to enter. When i entered the building, it was so crowded. I mean, there were tons of queues everywhere. But Good is awesome! I prayed to God that He will arranged smoothly everything for me, and yes.. He did! The customer service i talked to was so kind, she sent me to a nice document verifier. The document verifier was so nice also. Though i saw that she was a bit irritated to the guy she assisted before me, her mood has changed when she assisted me. She's then smiling and as i told her that it was my first time, she simply said, "So this is your first time, ok don't worry, i will do everything for you." I was so happy and can't help myself praising again and again. She done the job in 20 minutes and i went to meet my boss who was waiting outside.

But it was not over yet, because i was about to tell you the most exciting part. I thought we're heading back to the office, but we stopped by the Dubai Islamic Bank and my boss suddenly told me to get a copy of his personal account statements. I have been doing that kind of task, but i doubted that time because we lack authorization letter and requisition letter. I told him the situation and he said, "Just go!" I had no choice but to go. When i entered the bank, i was seem really blank. I'm emotionless and i just rolled my eyes in the room full of men. Yup, you rarely see women in Dubai. All you can see everywhere are guys. I did not stop praying for God's mercy. I was scared and hesitated because of the fact that i did not have any proof with me (like the letters) but only my boss identification card and account number. I saw that there were 3 CSR, 2 locals and an indian guy. Honestly speaking, i don't like dealing with locals, because first: they seldom listen, second: you have to do what they told you no matter how bad your situation, and third, begging is not an option. So i prayed to God really hard. I said, "Lord, please let the indian guy assist me. I don't want to be attended by the two locals, please let the indian guy assist me." i took 2 ticket numbers, 512 and 124. i don't really know which one i should fall because the number was randomly distributed to the three of them and i got scared because the 500+ ticket number kept increasing and i'm already close to it. I was the next customer to the local guy, and i was still in the second to the indian guy. I begged and prayed again hoping the indian guy will assist me, because i am certain that the local will say they can not provide me the statements because i don't have authorization letter and the requisition letter signed by the account owner. But God is really marvelous! The indian pressed his buzzer just before the local pressed his. I was so glad. There was still a little doubt though. I just told him i need to get the statement of my boss' account for 6 months but only have his identication card and account number but without the authorization letter and requisition letter. God is awesome, He touched the indian guy's heart and the indian guy just smiled and said, "Ok, six months right? from February?" and i nodded and smile. I got the statements in less than 3 minutes and went to the car.

Pish, it's not finished yet. It was a very long journey for me but it's not over yet. My boss told that we will be going to Persia International Bank in DIFC (Department of Finance Center). Again and again, it was my very first time to enter the beautifully made huge building like DIFC. All we did there was to submit all the documents i gone through processing then we left the building.

What most fulfilling was the time my boss told me, "Well done Yasi!".... and i said, "Praise God!."

posted by Yesha Gee at Sunday, September 7, 2008 11:17 PM - 0 comments
His WILL be done unto ME

I know I need to center myself, a need to center myself more closely to God. I’m feeling tired. I got sick. I am depressed. I don’t know what to do.

But from now on, I will not entertain all those things that worry me. I will let the Lord handle everything. My mind couldn’t bear the pressure anymore, so I will lay down everything to God and let Him do His will in my life. I know God has a wonderful plan in my life and I can’t wait to experience all of them.

For now, I have here a list of prayer request. May God bless me all the way!

(1)Working Visa… I hope to have it before September 30, 2008. That is when my visit visa expires.
(2)Salary Increase… I pray that God will touch my employer’s heart and will grant me my increase.
(3)Good Health… I have been sick for a week already due to colds and flu. May the Lord God Almighty heal me fully!
(4)Wisdom… new things keep coming and I need God’s wisdom to guide me and lead me.
(5)Love… I pray that God will bless everyone I am with, dealt with, been with, will be dealing with, and will be with. May they remain kind, caring, and friendly.
(6)Financial Blessings… to all my loveones, friends and family.

I know God will grant everything for He has said, “ASK and it will be GIVEN!”… Nothing is impossible with God, and I believe it!

God is worthy to be Praised

Every Thursday evening is the Church’s Music Team practice. It has always been my plan to feature the music team in my blog, but I just couldn’t seem to get the opportunity to take pictures of them. Good thing, I had the chance last Thursday.

I am happy to serve God and I am happy that the church has given me the chance to continue my ministry to the Lord.

Being able to join the ministry is not for self-satisfaction. To be in a ministry is a devotion to serve the Lord, our God through music.

May God bless us and purifies us as we lead the people in worship!

Want to see the pictures? See them here.

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