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Name: Yesha Gee
Home: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
About Me: Don't hate me because i'm beautiful.
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Nothing is Impossible with GOD!

I am in a little turbulence right now cos little problems back there in the Philippines are sprouting like mushrooms. Financially, it is becoming unstable. However, this is not one reason to make me weak. I do think about it most of the time, but i am sure, God will make a way.

Hopefully, things will get better. Way better than i can think of cos God do miracles. He does things more than His children can imagine and think of.

I am still holding on my rehvach! God will bless me. God will always be there for me and my family.

I am truly thankful that God never leave me nor forsake me. To Him be all Glory!

posted by Yesha Gee at Monday, April 13, 2009 11:29 PM -
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